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Leading Sustainable

Innovation Solutions in



Leading sustainable innovative solutions in agriculture
Zuka has developed sustainable innovative solutions using natural resources.
We marry biotechnology, IoT and hydroponics to respond to waste disposal and feed challenges.

Our Products & Services

Zuka Animal Feed

We sprout nutritious barley in an
enclosed hydroponics system. Farmers
have feed for animals 365 days in all
weather conditions.

Zuka Waste Management Service

We provide waste collection and
disposal services to municipalities,
abattoirs, fruit and vegetable vendors.

Zuka Greenhouse

We rent out or sell Zuka feed production
greenhouses to animal farmers. The unit
has an automated irrigation system,
with ICT monitoring.

Zuka Nutrients

Zuka Nutrients is a 2 in 1 liquid and solid organic compost and pest repellent. It is biotechnologically engineered to cater for each specific crop under cultivation while repelling pests.

Water and Nutrient Recirculation

This not only saves water, but improves yields because it cost-effectively distributes ZUKA’s formulation of organic nutrients.

Labor Saving Design

Allows you to easily harvest your fresh fodder and seed the empty sprouting trays faster and easier

Low operating costs

You can grow consistent quality feed regardless of the climate.

The goal of Zuka is to eliminate food insecurity and create long term sustainability. Volunteering workers get practical training to plant vegetables in social grant beneficiaries to start nurseries and to create seed banks from the waste gathered. 

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